Is the electrical wiring safe?

Are you thinking of buying an old property?


Looking for an electrician to check the old wiring?

Any electrical wiring system installed, in an old house, more than 35 years ago, would need an upgrade. This is because the wiring network was initially designed to deal with the late 20th-century electrical usage.

Today’s early 21st-century electrical usage has changed immensely over the last 20 years. The number of appliances, and its capacity, that we use daily makes this old wiring system inadequate and obsolete.

The electrical wiring network in any old property can be a health and safety hazard, especially if the usage is overloading the power outlet and putting a strain on the electrical wiring, which could lead to overheating, fire, or electrical shocks. It becomes a potential risk to the family, the home appliances and the property.

If you are thinking of buying an old property, it is vital to check that the wiring is fully up to date.  As obvious as it may sound, people do not ask for an electrical wiring safety inspection or request a Wiring Safety Certificate/Electrical Safety Certificate.

In 2014-15,  over 63% of home buyers did not have the electrics and wiring checked before purchasing their property and later encountered electrical problems according to Electrical Safety First.

To avoid any electrical problem get a qualified electrician to inspect the electrics and wiring and provide an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

The property rewiring presents an opportunity to add more outlets, and switches and brings the electrical wiring network up to the standard requirement.